Study painting and drawing

Study painting and drawing

During professional artist’s journey most important thing is beginning step in the right direction.

You know that art is the soul of the people. And if you are person who creates this art our academy right way for you.

We’re looking for young artists to turn them into professionals. If you are:

Determine why you want to start way like that;

Ready for self-improvement;

Don’t know what laziness is and for what;

You must be here right now! Before you go out and buy all your new expensive art accessory, start learning your skills and improve them, waving a brush through the air, you should consider why exactly you want to take up painting or drawing and what you want to get out of it. It is necessary!

Study painting and drawing for you will start now, if you’ll fill out the form with your data and submit an application here. We are looking forward to your choise, young artist!

Together with others artists you will learn information about the fundamentals of art like color, value, composition and other important things. By the way, constant direct contact with other students in the first time will help smooth out the experience, you mustn’t doubt that pastime in our academy will be unforgettable time!

We’re don’t forget about your future place of residence and will help with searches.

So finally a little about the learning process in professional Academy:

1. Modern approach to learning, using simple communication and easy contact with students.

2. Guaranteed basic knowledge about art obtained during the training process.

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3. A large amount of practical tasks to demonstrate your own abilities.

4. Free Internet throughout the Academy.

5. Only English is recognized as the official language of the course. You must have a sufficient level of English to understand the teachers and the programmes.

6. Organizing your own projects as tasks, creative self-expression will help in the learning process. In our Academy it will be useful if you’ll show yourself in full measure.

7. Frequent exhibitions, various concerts, gatherings, master classes and seminars will help you to understand your artistic origin.

So we must get started your studying now, right? Your future is only in your hands. And now you decide whether you will become a professional artist. Our job is only to help you in this difficult task. If you agree to our terms and are ready to study painting and drawing, do that!

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